The Race by Andy Why

It felt like a dream. Just three days ago you were going about your normal business when your life figuratively and literally went around a corner into an old lady carrying hot coffee. Apologetically, she offered to pay for your wet clothes to be cleaned but the dry cleaners was closed due to the owner, Mr. Popadopalous going on vacation. Instead, you let the gray haired woman buy you a can of cola. And that can... that wonderful, winning can had delivered you here to Lima, Peru.

Now you are about to go on the journey of a lifetime as you take part in the event known the world over as... THE RACE
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Review by Wasp Vigilante
01 Jan 2022
I didnt win the race. But the way the writer wrote the story is effective --I made friends with my companion. And at the end, when I lost, I wasn't sad for myself, but for her. Gee, I wished I've won us the race.

Review by KisteKiste
30 Aug 2017
0/5 Leonie wouldn't go for a drink with me.. probably has a boyfriend..
Overall, I really liked this game! There's a lot of options even though some seem to be irrelevant and unconsequential but that's not a bad thing actually. I like being able to embarass myself while jumping balconies. Keep it up.

Review by jwk21
01 Feb 2017
Incredibly fun. You really feel like you have gone through a journey when you reach the end. I had one heck of a big dumb goofy smile on my face. Très bien!

Review by KyuJones
31 Mar 2016
Really interesting game!
If you've wanted to be part of a big race like this, but will never truly try - this is a great simulation. ^___^
I've played it a few times to find several of the achievements... it's fun.

Review by ChazCliffhanger
11 Mar 2016
Awesome! I lost in third place with Leonie!

Review by maenixon
03 Jan 2016
I have played this game at least ten times all the way through. My god, it was a journey.
When playing without the guide I found either death, loss, or just one of the 4 main endings. When I looked up how to find the others, let's just say I wasn't disappointed and all those hours I spent (at least 5, lol) was fully worth it. The Choice of Games layout was very nice as well.
Just play it!

Review by BeggerStager
13 Mar 2015
Great game, well written. Once you play it once, do it again and see if you remember the fastest way to do things :P

Or, be the slowest. Whichever. This game could last you a while.

Review by Losbirro
21 Oct 2014
F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. !

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