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Reviews by wolver

Review for Larry's Adventure
03 Mar 2020
i shoot the werewolf but noting changes, i cant go with jerry and also nothing happens from attacking the vampire. Think still some unfinished code or something. it has potential will see if it will continu

Review for Seedship
07 Mar 2019
hahaha keeps giving new options and events, have had 13 play throughs and still like it and have new things happen. Highest score so far is 9807 happy with it but still not perfect. and lowest 2877
No idea what highest score can be. But addicted to see if it can get better.

Review for EELTAIL
01 Aug 2017
love it so far :D

Review for Adventureland
12 Jul 2017
looks like fun but to many bugs. from the bog can't go anywhere when i finally die i am in bog in misty room and still can't go anywhere.
(when i die from the dragon i can return to the forest) so i think it is a bug. little stuck and walking in circles, like the options and the treasures, but not sure where to go next.

12 Jul 2017
Really nice, got a good vibe from the characters and the story compelled me, can't wait for the next chapter.

Hope you will finish the rest, played part of day 2 and really like the different options. day 1 not that many different story possibilities, but like the potential. So hope it will continue.