EELTAIL by mick green

A treasure collecting fantasy with a fairly traditional backstory. Has very slight RPG elements. I think my influences are Fighting Fantasy and Colossal Adventure. A word of warning - this game is not normal or nice. Unlike the older traditional text adventures these puzzles are often multi-faceted. Having said that, the player is given a fairly straightforward goal - collect 10 treasures. You are allowed to finish if you collect 9 and find the tenth a bit too elusive. There is no score and not really any secret extras of any kind hidden away anywhere. This is a game I have worked on for 3 years or more though with a few big breaks and I am very happy to at last finish it. I've learnt a lot about using Quest and look forward to making more IF. I'd like to do a massive hat tip to ALEX WARREN for his awesome software and for the time he put into the site - THANKS!
v 1.1 update - was 'lid rest on table' now 'lid rests on table'/ fixed raise staff mysterious voice error(important fix)
v 1.2 hardly any difference
v1.3 grammar
v1.4 fixed some errors regarding deck of cards (thanks Jfulls002)
v1.5 Fixed error caused by Quest update that brought back in some standard library commands I had deleted meaning objects couldn't be worn.
v1.6 Smoothed out kite puzzle slightly.
v1.7 Will I ever stop updating?
v1.8 Apparently not - fixed more errors with kite puzzle (puzzle now can't be bypassed to acquire E.J.).
v1.9 text corrections.
v1.9.1 fixed Galverzalk gets you for no reason. But now games won't save properly maybe it still works on an older v of Quest

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Review by scotts6931
15 May 2018
This game is fantastic - up there with Watcher's "A Stranger, Unregarded". The nonlinearity makes it difficult to find all the treasures; it was very challenging!

Question: when I type "liatlee" (eeltail backwards), it doesn't give me the usual message. I'm curious if there is some sort of easter egg involved.

One requested edit:
1. Open up your code
2. Use the "Find and Replace" feature
3. In the "Find" box type "seams"
4. In the "Replace" box type "seems"
5. Repeat for all pages of code :P

Thanks for the awesome game :)

Review by archerqueen08
25 Feb 2018
Wow! 10 minutes into the game, it's very creative!

Review by Jfulls002
07 Sep 2017
Quite difficult, but very rewarding! just long enough duration (number of treasures) to keep me interested until at least the ninth treasure, and the ending is quite the plot twist. A great game by Mick Green, hope we see more like it in the future.

Review by wolver
01 Aug 2017
love it so far :D

Review by jtown951
07 Jan 2017
Great game!

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Published 30 Dec 2016
Updated 09 Jul 2018