EELTAIL by mick green

A treasure collecting fantasy with a fairly traditional backstory. Has very slight RPG elements. I think my influences are Fighting Fantasy and Colossal Adventure. A word of warning - this game is not normal or nice. Unlike the older traditional text adventures these puzzles are often multi-faceted. Having said that, the player is given a fairly straightforward goal - collect 10 treasures. You are allowed to finish if you collect 9 and find the tenth a bit too elusive. There is no score and not really any secret extras of any kind hidden away anywhere. This is a game I have worked on for 3 years or more though with a few big breaks and I am very happy to at last finish it. I've learnt a lot about using Quest and look forward to making more IF. I'd like to do a massive hat tip to ALEX WARREN for his awesome software and for the time he put into the site - THANKS!
v 1.1 update - was 'lid rest on table' now 'lid rests on table'/ fixed raise staff mysterious voice error(important fix)
v 1.2 hardly any difference
v1.3 grammar

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Review by jtown951
07 Jan 2017
Great game!

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mick green

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 30 Dec 2016
Updated 16 Jul 2017