Seedship by John Ayliff

An AI ship full of frozen colonists must find the best planet to be the new home of the human race. Push your luck: do you settle here, on this not-quite-ideal planet, or keep searching and risk your ship being damaged in the journey? The planets you encounter are randomly generated, and as you travel you encounter random events, so each playthrough is different.
Review by Blutakduck
03 Jul 2020
I was really impressed by this game. It's a very simple idea but is executed so well. I loved it.

Review by emily22
24 Mar 2020
Really cool game

Review by PurebloodQueen
20 Dec 2019
great game! I enjoyed playing it again and again. The facts are good and choices are tough and it manages to make me worry about the damages I take. One thing that I notice was the damage rate could be really high, my! I don't know how but the cultural database was gone when I land I was expecting it to at least leave a half.

Over all amazing

Review by OrthodoxOyster6
03 Oct 2019
This is also a mobile app, i love how you took the games concept and turned it to text based. 5 stars

13 Sep 2019
Great game! I like to play this over and over.

Review by DarkLizerd
08 Sep 2019
Good replay value due to the random nature...

Review by Pascal666
05 Sep 2019
The best scores I got were from settling on the very first planet. Trying to find a better one always resulted in lower scores.

Review by AdamBrezik
22 Jul 2019
Dude, I love it. Perfect work with random factors, the atmosphere of system checks is just thick!

Though the gameplay itself may seem as a tunnel-vission story, it made me feel like Stargate: Universe back in the days or Interstellar.

Super good work

Review by Curious
11 Jul 2019
Although I am very happy with this game (and I am already looking forward to replaying it) I have to make a nit-pick the ending scores. The only score I understood was of the technology level and the cultural level (because they were described). The other numerical scores are numbers out of a maximum that I don't know.

But having said that … I am very impressed with this piece of work.

28 Jun 2019
I cannot describe how good this game is. I love the way that it shows you levels of stuff like gravity, how breathable it is, resources, etc. I ended up inhabiting a planet called Iceball, because the surface was mainly ice.

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Written by
John Ayliff

Published 07 Nov 2017
Updated 10 May 2019