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Reviews by Murph

05 Oct 2015
This is not a game. It is a joke and an insult to if. So obvious. So short. So badly written. 1 clue and you solve the case. Terrible

04 Oct 2015
Splendid. Just like the previous chpter i found holes in the reasoning of some the deductions. Lyckily in both cases i went with probability and guessed correctly. Ended up with100% still what a good game that was. A must play!

Review for Victorian Detective
04 Oct 2015
Finally a work of art. I felt like SH almost the entire time although at certain points i felt the reasoning is not sttong enough as other ppsibilities were also possible and cantbe entirely excluded as the game presented them. Also towards the end i felt as if the game lead me to ask questions i would have liked to thinkabout by myself.

Overall a very satisfying experience. 5 out of 5.

Review for spondre
03 Oct 2015
It is just that. Ok. Great scene but the way the story developed handed me the ending much becore i got to it. Still try it yourself. It is quite interesting