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Review for Draculaland
05 Jul 2016
Really good game!
Good writing style, good design. Definetly worth to check this out.

03 Jul 2016
Game is short, interesting and is easy to play. Visual design is not lame as well - it's just a text on a white screen.
You don't need to type anything to play it - you always have a list of choices. This is good for newcomers in the world of IF. You play as a Stormtrooper who has been captured during a mission on a rebel flagship.

I always wanted to be a stormtrooper: miss every shot, die in glory.

I do really suggest you to try to play this game if you are novice and still wondering 'Is this real? People are playing games with text only during the age of Unreal Engine?' You will see how powerful is your imagination.

Also, I have a bit more detailed review here: http://darkforestgame.blogspot.ru/2016/07/example-of-good-text-based-game-for.html