Draculaland by robinjohnson

A comic adaptation of the vampire classic. Guide Jonathan Harker on a trip through Transylvania, interacting with mad scientists, zombies, annoying magpies, moustachioed werewolves, and ultimately Count Dracula himself!

This game uses a mobile-friendly engine that creates the feel of a type-in parser game using clickable links.

Also available as an Android app: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.versificator.draculaland

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Review by Savio
06 Apr 2021
High quality adventure. Lots of laughs.

Review by Pascal666
17 Sep 2019
Thank you!

Review by blackknight
02 Dec 2017
A really fun game.

Review by km1397
17 Sep 2017
definitely recommend

Review by Achmed Schachbrett
03 Mar 2017
This is nice.
Some German words are included.

Review by DavyB
26 Jan 2017
Draculaland has the same look and feel as Robin's IFComp 2016 winner, Detectiveland. Input is via touchable/clickable buttons and a split screen separates the unfolding story from a control panel in which available operations and associated objects are displayed. Draculaland has been put into the ‘horror’ stream but ‘comedy’ is perhaps its most dominant characteristic.

It is of a similar high standard to Detectiveland, with Draculaland perhaps having a slightly clearer story and some puzzles that are a bit more challenging. Again, there is a comprehensive hint system when needed.

Overall, this is another outstanding adventure from Robin Johnston, and one that I highly recommend.

Review by DarkForestCrow
05 Jul 2016
Really good game!
Good writing style, good design. Definetly worth to check this out.

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