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Review for Stuck in Traffick
30 Nov 2017
It was disturbing and extremely informative. I live in the country, so walking around town at night poses far less of a problem, but my family still feels the effects of this with my mother having PTSD from you-know-what.
I still think that this is an issue that should be further covered in schools, perhaps in health class. Idiot teenagers who are frustrated with their parents for this or that are too quick to say 'I'm gonna run away!'. It should be better known what exactly happens when you do run away, and where all those missing girls on the missing poster in the grocery store exactly are. Who those depressing looking girls in the Mcdonald's parking lot are. Why 'you need to be raped' is not a freaking joke.

Nice job! This was an enjoyable, if quite short story.
You did a nice job with dialogue, but some of the descriptions of characters talking are slightly redundant. 'screams Rob,' for instance. It's used twice in a very short amount of time. Try using a different verb to mix it up, like 'Rob gasped' or etc. That's my only little nitpick.