Reviews by jorocks30

Review for Brothers Divided
17 Mar 2019
Wish there were more chances but I like the simple story.

25 Dec 2018
It was pretty enjoyable, kind of wished it was longer. Effortlessly funny but stands on it's own as a game.

Review for The Viscountess
23 Sep 2017
The story is pretty decent, but I think it can expanded upon.

12 Mar 2017
This is cute and I like how it's pretty vague. But I can't find the third ending, ugh.

Review for 1848
11 Aug 2016
Pretty good game, it's fun, but it could be great with some improvements.

Review for A Twist of Fate
12 Jul 2016
Nice story, like all the multiple endings.

Review for Inheritance
12 Jul 2016
Nice story, could be continued with more action.

29 Mar 2016
This game is great! It's a go to for me whenever I visit this website. It's fun exploring and every time I play I try to make my orphanage more efficient. The challenges are fun and make you think, even though they are quite simple.