Olivia's Orphanorium by Sam Kabo Ashwell

Sparky young entrepreneur Olivia sets out to fulfil her dream of running an orphanage. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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Review by archerqueen08
05 Jan 2019
Very fun game, I've played it many times. Involves resource distribution.

Review by myNameIsJeffery
23 Apr 2018
I am not an or-FAN. My first goal was to try and find a less reprehensible set of orphan children (im not a fan of ugly kids), but it wouldn't let me toss them into a back alley. Next.

Review by 645Kitty
11 Mar 2017
I have started and restarted this game so many times and I can't figure out how to do anything. The most I can do is discipline an orphan, scrub another orphan, and sell the fairy tales and tricycles, but nothing else. It's almost impossible to advance in the game if you don't have the cheat book right next to you (which I'm pretty sure there is none).

Review by Jesse Richardson
10 Jan 2017
A good game!
It seems as if the author was from Dickens' time.

Review by aceofspades1
30 Nov 2016
I loved the gameplay and it was simple to memorise the commands needed. One thing has come to my attention though which makes the game seem not very well put together. I had a huge problem with overcrowding and it was difficult to figure out which children need what. The children were dying left and right because I had no way to take care of all of them before the end of the day. Many of them also escaped because of this and because I had to pay for burials and none of them were getting hired I didn't have enough coins to make precautions against it. Overall it was a fantastic game, but I do wish that the overcrowding had a solution.

Review by jorocks30
29 Mar 2016
This game is great! It's a go to for me whenever I visit this website. It's fun exploring and every time I play I try to make my orphanage more efficient. The challenges are fun and make you think, even though they are quite simple.

Review by ethanlu121
07 Jan 2016
Highly addicting and very funny.

Review by Maxwell82
06 Dec 2015
I wasent the biggest fan of this, Maybe make one that appeal and make the game fun to all "Types" of people. Please try to make the game a little more fun.

Review by Angelofdeath1762
27 Nov 2015
Highly addicting, very well done.

Review by iwillbegentle
24 Jul 2015

This game was really fun and engaging and I liked how easy it was to get tips on how to operate it. I was surprised that I enjoyed this game, expecting it to be much darker and disturbing. As questionable as some of the content was, how terrible of a person the player character is really depends on the player.

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