Reviews by pheobe

Review for Kitten Adventures
24 Feb 2016
Great job Eternal! The descriptive writing is very realistic, like you actually the main character, in a world full of mystery for you to solve.
BUT - there are some missing choices, e.g. there is no east hall! Yes I know you're game is a WIP, but at least add that, please!

Review for Banana
13 Jan 2016
Wow this is funny and creative! You did a great job on this simple banana quest and I recommend this to other people out there :D

Review for Life as a cat
17 May 2015
I like it but it was short and simple, but for being your first text adventure this is good! :D

Review for Machine of Death
02 May 2015
Good job. This game is really inspiring! Yu should be proud of what you've done here. but if I could make the rating higher I'd do 10!

02 May 2015
It's not that good, but storyline's OK.. I played a bit but didn't get anywhere.. D: