Machine of Death by Hulk Handsome

In the near future, the world will be changed by a machine that predicts how a person will die with 100% accuracy... but not clarity.

Would knowing your demise change the way you lived your life?

A collection of three short interactive stories.
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Review by Regisblackgaard
06 Jan 2017
It was a good game.

Review by Hell_girl
31 Dec 2016
I really enjoyed the game. I loved the fact that every fate has differents endings.

Review by FuzzyWorm
22 Dec 2016
It as a good read and pathing.

18 Dec 2016
Enjoyed it.

Review by Laufeia
01 May 2016
Enjoyed it. Did all three fates with the various endings.

Review by hizoka
29 Oct 2015
It was fun. I wish it had more possibilities, but it was fun and good narrative.

Review by UserName #50244
23 Jul 2015
I think I got all of the endings! It's a very well-made, but simple, game.

Review by TTPeriod
11 Jul 2015
Really fantastic. Happy to die of old age. The next time I played, looking up. XD

Review by johnhf
09 Jul 2015
I liked it.

Review by DaNiX88
08 Jul 2015
Wow, what an ingenious scenario! I'm glad you made a game like this, as it has truly made me think. The story was well-written, the choices leave the player with a true sense of freedom that leads to many different outcomes, and the best part is, you get THREE stories for the click of one! The only disappointing factor of this game was that I was left with wanting more... which is not a bad thing at all.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who has reflected on the meaning of life... and well, anyone, really!

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Written by
Hulk Handsome
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Published 29 Sep 2013
Listing added 12 Jan 2014

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