Toki <3

Reviews by Toki <3

Review for The Shack
07 Apr 2021
One of my favorite games. Fantastic and very fun. I really love the whole atmosphere. I haven't completely finished yet, but I'm close! Please make more games like this one, I really enjoyed it (and am enjoying it)!

Review for Pong
30 Mar 2021
It's really fun, but a little basic. A scoreboard would be nice, as well as an option to customize the speed of the ball to make it easier and harder, maybe. Hard, but fun! I really liked it!

26 Mar 2021
I loved this game! Very thought out and the illustrations were amazing. I really enjoyed it, recommend!

Review for Destination
25 Mar 2021
Really creative. I had fun!

24 Mar 2021
Creative and cute. I loved it! :)