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24 Sep 2014
Of the selection of top rated 20 games currently available on Quest, this is by far the best. The game is not quite Infocom-quality, but certainly evokes an Infocom-ish milieu and is definitely up to the standard of some of the best amateur IF, at least as far as the puzzles and technical side. The artwork is very well-done and symmetrically scattered throughout the narrative. I noticed a few glitches, such as rereading books generated an error message, and I'd have implemented some additional "aliases" for some objects, such as "berries" for "blackberries", but on the whole, very good. Not sure if "Eaten by a Grue" has written or will write more games, but I would certainly check them out.

Review for First Times
22 Sep 2014
Certainly not a bad attempt for a first foray into IF. I didn't encounter any bugs, but to be honest, I only played about halfway through the game (judging by a walkthrough someone posted) and was not intrigued enough to continue any further. Maybe it just wasn't my thing--although I do like horror when done right (Lurking Horror, as an example). The "clanging" was a nice touch, but I didn't feel like the sound-effects were very evenly distributed in the game.