Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft by Eaten By A Grue

The year is 1957, and the place is lush, storm-tossed Stinglash Island, just off the north coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. You are Page LeBlanc, witch in training, and you've returned for another year at dear old Whitefield...and it's definitely not your fault you're a day late.

You arrive to find an empty dock. A locked building. And evidence that the day you missed wasn't just another typical first day at school.

Make use of five different magic spells, meet a cast of quirky classmates, and fully explore the Academy grounds...damaging property, unbalancing ecosystems, and eating way too much gingerbread along the way.

This is the beta version of the game; it should be fully playable and possible to complete, but much of the flavor and scenery is yet to be fleshed out, and a lot of things that seem like they should do something don't. I'm continually making small updates and adding more detail. Please report bugs or problems to me, especially if you get completely stuck or something seems illogical or broken -- that way I can make the game the best it can be!

Tips for playing:
To cast a spell on something, use the name of the spell as a verb.
Look at everything, including yourself. Sometimes item descriptions include hints on how to proceed.
You can't die and it should not be possible to put the game in an unwinnable state, so try everything!

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Review by archerqueen08
30 Jan 2017
Very good!!

Review by Watsonworms
09 Jan 2017
I really enjoyed this game as is. I did get stuck at a couple points, but with some internet help got through the puzzles. There were always clues for the puzzles when I needed them, I just didn't always out two and two together.🤦

It could be updated to provide more throwaway text to let you look at more objects that are mentioned in room descriptions, but there's an impressive amount of text here already. (Found a single typo - "chamber" was used instead of "clamber")

Review by outerspacekat
04 Aug 2016
Fantastic game.

Review by Wolfheart101
17 May 2016
This is an excellent game, by far one of my favorites. However, I do think there ought to be a few more hints. I had to look up how to solve several problems. Other than that, a great game.
Also, I agree with Amadea. It is nice to know there are games out there that don't depend on killing.

Review by kpaquette
27 Apr 2016

Review by Amadea
14 Apr 2016
Excellent game. So glad there's some creative stuff like this out there. It gives me hope that video games can still be about more than just killing stuff o_o
Well written with Lots of creative puzzles ^_^

Review by IFforClassroom
27 Feb 2016
The best Harry Potter fan fiction I've ever seen. What fun!

Review by ChrisSmith4773
12 Sep 2015
Absolutely wonderful game. Just finished it. I got stuck twice, once at the very beginning and also couldn't figure out how to get the book in the terrarium. (In hindsight I feel stupid for not figuring that one out myself.) My only small criticisms would be that it was annoying when objects would change names when you picked them up (especially books) and it could use a little more "fleshing out" when it comes to descriptions. Objects that are mentioned in room descriptions were not examinable, and sometimes it was tricky to figure out exactly how to do certain things - you needed to phrase things correctly.

These are very minor quibbles though. All in all it was an excellent story!

Review by spearcarrier
30 Jul 2015
It has potential, but the game kept coming up incomplete in certain areas or simply would have an error as it looked for missing code.

Trying to figure out verbs is one thing, but a little help is nice on these things. Even when the game gave you a hint on what command to use, it was no good as my husband and I both couldn't figure out. We didn't get very far in because of these problems. I wouldn't recommend it.

Review by iwillbegentle
24 Jul 2015
Great game.

It can be a little frustrating until you figure out the correct verbs to use - not the spells though, the spells were easy to use and I thought the way they were utilized was clever - but after I got into the swing of the things I had a lot of fun.

I would definitely recommend this to others, but I'd also explain the controls first so they don't have to struggle to get into the game.

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Published 03 May 2014
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