Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft by Eaten By A Grue

The year is 1957, and the place is lush, storm-tossed Stinglash Island, just off the north coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. You are Page LeBlanc, witch in training, and you've returned for another year at dear old Whitefield...and it's definitely not your fault you're a day late.

You arrive to find an empty dock. A locked building. And evidence that the day you missed wasn't just another typical first day at school.

Make use of five different magic spells, meet a cast of quirky classmates, and fully explore the Academy grounds...damaging property, unbalancing ecosystems, and eating way too much gingerbread along the way.

This is the beta version of the game; it should be fully playable and possible to complete, but much of the flavor and scenery is yet to be fleshed out, and a lot of things that seem like they should do something don't. I'm continually making small updates and adding more detail. Please report bugs or problems to me, especially if you get completely stuck or something seems illogical or broken -- that way I can make the game the best it can be!

Tips for playing:
To cast a spell on something, use the name of the spell as a verb.
Look at everything, including yourself. Sometimes item descriptions include hints on how to proceed.
You can't die and it should not be possible to put the game in an unwinnable state, so try everything!

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Review by TheThornthwaite
18 Dec 2023
Keeps freezing when you get to a certain point in the game

Review by Crystal16767
26 May 2023
it just shows me the same thing. I'm just wandering around the greenhouse and school. i can't go anywhere else

Review by FromAtoZany
04 Feb 2021
Wow. Amazing. I'd give it ten stars if I could.
Impressive use of extras (illustrations, map), great little references to the classics (including HITCHHIKER'S and ZORK) and -- ahem -- not-quite-classics (RETURN TO ZORK, GABRIEL KNIGHT), engaging storyline, and clear narrative. Solid puzzles, and everything made logical sense.
Since it's a beta release, I'm forgiving of the typos and the occasional bugs, and there's a lot more potential for fleshing out of various responses and adding flavor text. The biggest issue: I had to play it on my downloaded version of Quest: online version kept freezing up (not sure why) and reloading the page started me back at square one.
Truly a terrific job!

Review by serenity56
01 Jan 2021
It was just showing me the same thing and it was not changing the screen and I couldn't do anything

Review by Dr.Ryan
02 Sep 2020
Very fun, and just the right length. There were a couple of places where, as the author noted, things seemed important but had no real use at all, and there were a couple of puzzles in which the solution didn't quite make sense (the way to get past the barricade, for instance). But definitely enjoyable and well worth a play through!

Review by cubkent
14 Aug 2018
Looks like it could be really good, but the game keeps ending on me and telling me to refresh my browser? When I do I'm back to square one (or wherever I saved last) which makes it a bit unplayable....

Review by penelope_sunscri
02 Jul 2018
I am not far but I LOVE THIS!

A small thing I found, when you search the terrarium in the laboratory, it says "it appear" instead of "it appears"

small but I'm a grammar nerd ;)

Thanks for creating such an amazing game!!!

Review by Slayer78
19 Feb 2018
It was cool, but I couldn't find away inside, because the front doors were locked. I really liked the map though. How did you get that on?

Review by geekingangel
22 Jan 2018
Really love it.

Review by blackknight
02 Dec 2017
A very fine game.

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