Reviews by JohnChhana

Review for 30 Kilogrammes
24 Jan 2017
Great idea and mechanics. Wish it was a full game though, it has endless possibilities.

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
23 Jan 2017
Spent so much time on this game, I loved it! Except it got a little tedious towards the end with 100+ stats and the enemies did not level up as I did. Waiting for more.

22 Jan 2017
Amazing game. It was really funny and entertaining and at no point did I find myself frustrated; that is not to say that it was an easy game. The mechanics are a little off though but I guess that has everything to do with the setting and mood of the game- for example, in no way did I ever think of using dentures to defeat a zombie boss. A little bit of logical connection is always good even in a game like this. Also, I scored 50 out of 50 in the first run and I wonder if that makes any difference because the game seems rather linear to me. I wasn't able to cross a section without doing exactly what I ought to do.

Overall, awesome game. Very entertaining and hilarious. Keep it up!

Review for The Landlady
05 Jun 2014
Good writing, but I've played the game twice and found that I could make only two decisions in entirety. Isn't the point of the game to allow the player to affect the outcome as much as he can? Maybe you can try fragmentation more as the story is good and would do better with more branching. Oh, and an entire paragraph is not a good choice for..well, a choice. Try simple ones like 'go left' or 'do this/that'; then you can use the paragraph to describe what happens.