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Review for Confidential Notes
25 Jun 2005
All I could do was wander. Nothing to do. And I would suggest using up and down instead of north and south for the stairs.

Review for Assassin
23 Jun 2005
I had a lot of troubles with making a mpa, and that frustrated me a lot. Other than that, it was very interesting. I'm afraid I don't have the kind of patience it takes to play a game with such a large environment, but I am sure if I had taken more time, it would have been very enjoyable.

I am having trouble. When I save my game, it won't let me load it again. Is this a glitch or is it my computer's fault? It's very annoying -_- I like this game so far, although I haven't played much of it. It's fun and it doesn't seem impossible, like so many other text games I have played. Two thumbs up =)