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Reviews by Maiqtheliar8888

Review for Small Travels
26 Mar 2022
honestly really good, too bad it seems to be discontinued...

Review for Tiny life
20 Mar 2022
A lot of potential, and great writing so far, i hope to see more!

20 Mar 2022
there's potential here, can't wait to see where this goes! right now you can get stuck in some places and there's not really too much of anything, and the english could use some work, but other than that, it has a lot of potential!

04 Mar 2022
For a demo, not bad at all! Sad it wasn't developed further.

Review for Giantess DDLC
26 Dec 2021
...this game has nothing in it, no substance, no anything. it needs a lot more before it can be called... anything. i rarely rate anything anywhere a 1 star, but this is just... nothing.
I wish there was something here, but there isn't.

Really good, if a bit repetitive, and just a tiny bit unpolished, and has some confusing directions, other than that, great game.

Review for Be the giantess!
13 Dec 2021
A lot of potential, I wish it would've still been updated, could've been one of the greatest gts text adventures