Tiny man in Girls School by GigaSimp??

1/22/22 This is only 1.0 version of the game and I still have to add more things. For now its just 1 girl and mainly 1 area. I plan to update the story for now.

1/22/22 Update Version 1.1 I added more things for Madelyn and is planning to finish her house and all her interactions within this or next week.

1/22/22 Update version 1.2 Im 85% done with Madelyns house and added a gym with girls changing rooms. A lot more to explore with Madelyn and the sandbox like story.

2/3/22 I dont have a update but i am working on one sorry for the delay i kinda got burnt out from working on the game for a whole 2 days.

2/23/22 Update version 1.3 I finished Madelyns House ideas that i have. I plan to just finish the school before adding more interactions but i might sprinkle a few interactions and a few new people. I made a discord server if you are interested here: https://discord.gg/3TwEqCr42x
Sorry in advance for the long wait for the update.

3/19/22 Update version 1.4 I finished most of the school I do plan to add more stuff to the world and next update will have more interactions with Madelyn and i will add more girls to interact with. Sorry for the long wait.

4/16/22 Update version 1.5 Just showing what i am currently working on for this project not much but added some new rooms on the Third Floor Still working on interactions and also introducing 2 new characters whom you can find on the bench in the Courtyard. One of them i still have to work on all of the interactions in courtyard but i have some for the other one but do expect a update soon with more!
This might take longer than expected due to me branching it out way to much but do expect more in next update or at least more than usual.

4/24/22 No update for now, I am going to be working on another giantess game instead of this one due to me just now noticing how many bugs there are and how difficult it is to make a good character. I will link the game here when i upload it if yall are interested. I might come back and remake this game once i do finish the new one.

5/31/22 The link to the new game is http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/_ipqe33acuazfssakz5vww/tiny-man-in-genshin-impact although it is just to show what i plan to do with the project.

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Review by Mrsafelabs
11 Feb 2023
Just using this to save this story since idk any other way

Review by Weevers666
27 Nov 2022
Great job keep going

Review by quora
19 Apr 2022
really good buuuuuuut needs to be continued good idea

Review by Maiqtheliar8888
20 Mar 2022
there's potential here, can't wait to see where this goes! right now you can get stuck in some places and there's not really too much of anything, and the english could use some work, but other than that, it has a lot of potential!

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