Lillivale by DeepDredux

It has been ten years since the Minimus shrinking virus swept across the world in a global pandemic. In that time, your hometown of Lillivale has flourished into a hub of education, research, and commerce thanks in large part to the work of Asura Biotechnologies and its founder, Dr. Regina Stone. Inspired by Asura's long-standing mission to find a cure, businesses and people of all sizes have flocked to Lillivale, turning the once-quiet college town into an international destination.

As a college student currently studying biology at the prestigious Lillivale University, you barely remember what life was like without shrunken people and the virus being a part of everyday life. Like the rest of the world, you've settled into a new normal, focused primarily on forging your own future in this post-pandemic world. Now in your junior year, you've recently been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern over Spring Break with Asura Labs' lead virologist, Dr. Regina Stone herself!

You've always wished for the opportunity to make a difference in the world and tackle challenges much larger than yourself... Now, you're finally going to get your chance...

This is an erotic, size-fetish text-adventure game where your choices will shape the story, the characters, and the fates of countless others...

Tags: NFSW, shrinking, shrunk, giant, giantess, macro, micro, humiliation, domination, submission
v0.3 (Initial Release) Contains:
- Over 130,000 words of content and over 18,000 lines of code!
- Option to customize the player's gender identity, allowing you to play as a cis male, trans female, or non-binary person with a dick!
- M/f or tF/f content where the player is the giant, both gentle and cruel, including numerous ways to interact with, humiliate, play with, and 'dispose of' your tiny!
- 20+ ways to end your tiny's life forever, with several different variants for each based on your choices!
- 8+ ways to sexually please yourself with your tiny, with varying degrees of cruelty
- Countless ways to humiliate and/or tease her (if you so choose)
- Or the option to treat her like an actual human being!
- F/m or F/tf content where the player is the tiny, including 1 death and 1 bad end.
Note: Currently the minority of content at this stage, though it will soon shift to the primary focus of the game's content in future releases
- One-shot vignette stories in the form of in-game pornography!
- Vore!
- Crush!
- Anal Vore/Insertion!
- Sweat & Musk play!
- Mouthplay!
- Entrapment!
- Unaware!
- Humiliation & Degradation!
- Gore & Cruelty! (with an option to reduce)
- Watersports! (optional)
- Plus many other kinks and fetishes!
v0.3.2 Minor Update:
- Adds the ability to customize the player's gender identity on startup, allowing you to play as a cis male, trans female, or nonbinary person with a dick!
- Reworked some of the back-end start-up code so it should run a little faster when starting a new game.
- No new scenes yet (besides adapting those existing scenes to the player's new gender identity), but I have officially resumed coding on the next part, so check back soon!
NOTE: The online player is a bit unstable, so downloading the game is recommended!
If you HAVE to play it online, it is strongly recommended if you are on a mobile device to use the desktop version of the online player website (go into your browser settings to change), as it otherwise will not work at all.
A scene guide/walkthrough is also available for download on
Recommend only referencing the guide after playing through at least once!
Consider following me on social media and/or supporting me!

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Review by possumpants
18 Jan 2024
One of the best written, and most well put together size interactives I've ever seen.

Review by Chester:D
17 Jan 2024
This game is the reason why you don't make a text engine accessible to everyone

Review by Soapysoap
15 Jan 2024
already amazing and has loads of potential

Review by Widzieliście
13 Jan 2024
Very good but needs more updates and i recommend to download it on your pc

Review by jasonblodd
02 Jan 2024
the best one Ive ever played please continue

Review by quocccc
21 Oct 2023
I clicked yes but it didn't work

Review by bob15840=
13 Jul 2023
this game is literally the best one out there, please don't abandon this project

Review by Dongers
12 Jul 2023
What is in is already fantastic and I can't wait to see where this will go. Keep up the fantastic work!

Review by Vorelover12
01 Jun 2023
I can’t play the damn game, I press start new game “yes” but it won’t load, like it won’t register the click

Review by Jaxter
26 May 2023
I have a lot of experience in shrinking games, and I have to say that this is the best one I have played. Love it! Cheers on you, I will be following this! :D

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