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Review for The Zen Garden
25 Nov 2015
Yeah! One of (if not) the best game here! Certainly tops in the Puzzle section. But dam does it make you work :O. This game is so flawless it should be like, for sale XD (dont get any ideas Privateer) I mean it's really much better than the 'choice of games' ones that attempts to rip you off. Hint for all those who want to smash their heads against a wall after trying this game out; ask the creator! A really great guy who is dedicated to preventing Zen related suidcides!
ejm29 is obviously loopy for not realizing the igenuity of the game. Beautifully written can't wait for any future games!

Review for N7
15 Oct 2015
"Sticks and stones may.." what? cumon man who says that? the dialogue really needs to be tweaked a huge bit. I guess it will get more mature as you grow older but i can tell you put effort into this... my advice is to read more books (I know crazy right?) or talk to and older group of people. If you do lots of this your writing will seem more natural. I know this belongs in the comment section but unlike other critics I like to give constructive critism so you can improve. This has great potential idk if you copied or wat but keep at it.
nice hair tho. (refering to the Trudeau bashing ads in Canada and the fact that this does have a nice cover.)

Review for Zork
14 Oct 2015
Hell is not the end! go Up and reach Heaven! (hahaha just kidding) but really go up and continue!