Zork by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling

Also known as Dungeon.
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Review by Myfaceiscool
21 Jul 2016
It's just like minecraft

Review by rainbowunikittens
23 Jun 2016
This. Is. Amazing.

Review by BoogieNannii
24 May 2016
loved it then and I love it now

Review by Draconocard
15 Apr 2016
Great game. Weird dead end in the Ancient Chasm. Be wary of that.

02 Apr 2016
A compass would definitely be helpful, but I enjoyed guessing where to go.

Review by epicgirl5
19 Feb 2016
It needs a compass

Review by Leinad Why
14 Oct 2015
Hell is not the end! go Up and reach Heaven! (hahaha just kidding) but really go up and continue!

Review by bilore
26 Sep 2015
i went to hell! Yay!!!

15 Sep 2015
Zork is one of, if not, the best Text Adventure game I have played! It's so interesting and actually really difficult if you can't open your mind. The game forces you to get creative and think critically. I love it!

Review by NicholasVV
16 Aug 2015
Always loved getting my head get cut off by that axe wielding thing in the basement...

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Written by
Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling
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Published 1979
Listing added 13 Jan 2014

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