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Reviews by Bester40

02 Mar 2020
Amazing story and details . would recommend

02 Feb 2020
Great writing, looking forward to the next update

02 Feb 2020
I like it so far, keep it up

19 Jan 2020
It is a great game

Also, this is gets a 5 star so WhyNot can give his 5 Star since he didn’t

Review for Shrunk at College
31 Dec 2019
The writing in my opinion is great and and it is a large game. It is descriptive and allows for the reader to visualize the story with ease. It has many areas to go to, allowing for lots of exploration. The only downside to this is that it does for the most part only have feet type events, but that is not something to write an entire review about am I right? (See xxllxx for more on entire foot based reviews) the only thing I could recommend is for more options when it comes to the events, because having mainly foot based events could derive people from reading.