A Tiny Furry In A Huge World by Queen Kyobi

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v0.5 is here!

To be the first to learn about when v0.6 is coming/what it will contain, please check out my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/queenkyobi



- ADDED EMILY! Find her in the bathroom! There is a ton of content involving her, but you have to solve a real simple puzzle in order to be able to do so. If you are struggling with it, let me know in the comments and I'll provide the solution.


The story unfolds much like most of them do. After a late night playing video games, you go to college, and end up falling asleep during class. When you wake up, you've found that you shrunk to about an inch tall. (give or take, depending on preference) From there, you can go on and explore the lecture hall, the corridor outside of it, and the college's library.

There are five giants in the game (three female, one shemale, one male) and a whole variety of sticky scenarios that you can get in. Most of them are fatal, and involve stuff like crushing (including but not limited to - feet, butts, and hands) vore of all kinds, and general macro/micro shenanigans. I'd wager there's about 40-50k words worth of content in this game now. If you're an old player, then you'll quickly be able to figure out where the new content is. If you're a new player, then just explore!


- Make sure that you grab the staple and string at the beginning of the game. The rest should be self explanatory.

- There's a push pin on top of Ms. Matthew's desk, and a tiny sewing needle on top of Aimee's desk. Both of these objects are identical in function, save for a few syntax changes when you use them. They come in handy for prodding things. Quite a few deaths are locked behind these items. Feel free to use either of them on your pokey attempts - they will both have the same result.

- The only deaths in the game that are timer based are those that are based around stomach digestion. To discover the others, you'll simply have to use the right verbs. You'll be able to find all of them on the right hand menu upon selecting an object. You might have to do some of them twice to trigger the death sequence.


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Review by Manatee
24 Jun 2020
i love how much time and effort you put into the game itself and set a whole new perspective to textadventures. can you please add a red panda with a personality of kind and outgoing?

Review by tiedude555
04 Jun 2020
Very well written and made game, I'd highly recommend anyone that is interested in these types of games to check it out!

Review by TinyFoxy
20 May 2020
Huge fan of your story so far, your clearly very talented and you've got a lot to show for it. A Tiny Furry In A Huge World has quickly become my favorite story on this site and its one Im always coming back to, eager to find new endings and see what has changed, always looking forward to your lovely updates and the memorable characters you build along the way. Looking forward to the future of this adventure~

Review by That_warden
11 May 2020
I constantly check the author's Twitter just to see the latest news about this game and I only do that with pro 5-star games. That should tell you how good this is, but obviously dont take a review's word on it, go play it yourself.

Keep up the amazing work Kyobi!

Review by gimmynalla
07 May 2020
superb game

Review by amazinggame
07 May 2020
Came here to support the writer, saw that she was fairly exasperated on Twitter about some nitwit leaving her a nasty review.

Whether this game has too much text for you or not, it's blatant that it has a hundred times more effort put into it than the majority of the games on this website. It is most certainly not a one star game.

Five stars, Queen Kyobi, and keep up the good work

Review by imaginereadinglol
07 May 2020
To the guy below ... imagine having to READ in something called a TEXT ADVENTURE.

This is, without a doubt, a five star game. Please don't listen to brainlets like the two reviews below mine.

Review by Dor
07 May 2020
Too much text dude. I cant play the game if it has 1000 pages

Ur getting a tiny little 1star from me

15 Mar 2020
OK, big glitches for me , claws?

Review by Fristbyte
22 Feb 2020
Great game I love how manny kinks or fetishes it has for me thank you.. looking forward to more updates someday

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