Reviews by TextAdventure101

24 Dec 2015
Amazingly good, not like other horror garbage I see in movies and TV shows today. No "he took off his head and blood, blood everywhere!" Moments in this. This was pure horror at it's best. It'll give you the creeps and you'll be able to explore more than one ending which I very much like. I won't give away my ending but it was bitter sweet.

Review for Salt
24 Dec 2014
The game was okay I had trouble with Nala for some reason but the rest was a true cake walk I loved the sound effects and pictures they really put a well... Image of what the world is and what your surroundings are and trust me this isn't the first time I've seen a game well not like this but with a adult rating.

30 Nov 2014
This is a amazing gamebook seriously you've outdone yourself on this the only thing is that I'm not giving you five stars is that you felt like you needed a two but you didn't you could've just kept them together no problem and the game would be longer and longer =more fun but too long =NO FUN but seriously outdone yourself and you're very talented I hope to see your releases in the future