Version 1 of J. Redd Mine. Larger Version(s) are going to be coming out within the week. This Adventure is about a series of challenges brought before you in an underground mine. This version only has an intro section and one challenge, but we're sure you'll enjoy it! *Includes a coffee shop with ability to buy drinks * HP and Coins *Awesome mine with cool puzzles (incomplete. wait for v2 for more mine stuff!) *Interactive things and people Enjoy! *Combat system coming soon
This is one of my best games. With quest pro I was able to make a big game. If you're really good at these things it could probably take you an hour. But otherwise its really hard... Remember to save because you could die at any time... Tell me if something doesn't work or doesn't make sense. I tested the game before with me and my friend. -Tai P.S. Please comment!
It's really just a stupid game I made for fun. You can beat it, but don't take this game too seriously ok? Hope you like it, Tai
This one is awesome! This time around there is 3 rooms and a lot of objects. I tested it, and it should work perfectley. There are still easter eggs... Plus there is a walkthrough! Use your items wisely! -Tai P.S. Please post comments!
This isn't my first ever Quest game, but it is my first submitted one. It has 2 rooms, but both take a while to complete. There's probably around 20 objects in this game, but you have to use them wisely. There are some easter eggs... lol... Ok, hope you like it! -Tai

Reviews by Tai

Review for ESCAPE!
28 Sep 2007
this is just junk, pure, broken JUNK!

just kiddin man... next time just try harder- please.

Review for The Mansion II
05 Sep 2007
Wow, I only played a little bit, but I already know what to give this game.
You definitley put tons of work into this, so i give you a 5/5.

Review for LockedUP!!
29 Jul 2007
This was kind of a weird game.

The rooms were all messed up, especially when I went nw or something into a room and to get out I had to go north, which wouldn;t really make sense...
Also the sword thing is weird, but its not THAT big of a deal considering it will take you 5 seconds to "slay" the dragon. So I just grab the oil, gun, and sword, drop sword, and its basically like I slayed the dragon. Though it could of used some work...

29 Jul 2007
I only played a little, but I thought it was ok. I mean- I wouldn't give it a two or a one. But it could of used some more work... Fun though.

Review for House Of Horror
05 Jul 2007
what are you suppose to do?
I can't pick up the keys, or eat the pie, or pick up the tv...

oh well...

05 Jul 2007
ya same here, how do you get out of the garage?

I got stuck on the holding cell. Oh well. Could someone help me? I tried everything...

Anyways its a cool game... even though I've only gotten that far hehe...

4 stars