Dim 2 by Tai

This one is awesome! This time around there is 3 rooms and a lot of objects. I tested it, and it should work perfectley. There are still easter eggs... Plus there is a walkthrough! Use your items wisely!


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Review by LinaLyssic
12 Mar 2011
I know this game is old but I'll say this anyway. This game makes absolutely no sense. Without the walkthrough it is indeed impossible. Why is there a screw in your ear? Seriously? This is just weird and impossible, sorry.

Review by satanspooge
18 Aug 2007
I don't see how you could finish this without the walkthrough. Just write random things with the pen on the paper? It sucked.

Review by Nick1
28 Jul 2007
It was super hard I have to admit but thats what made it fun. There were lots of secret things. Just make the commands a little easier. Butt all in all Fantastic!!!

Review by Jeffrey
04 Jul 2007
I thought it was good, a little hard at sometimes, but for a trial version it was good.

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