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Review for Pokemon Red
15 Mar 2019
Okay, there's a major problem with this game: there's no real choice. You don't participate in any battles other than picking from two attacks when battling Gym Leaders, and you don't get any say in which Pokemon you catch. Picking Leaf Storm in Misty's battle or trying to go to Cerulean City before Mt. Moon ends your game. There's really nothing interesting about the game yet.

Review for Pokémon Emerald
15 Mar 2019
Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. I love it.
I wish there was a bit more choice to the game, but literally everyone else said that too, so I won't be repetitive. I like all the snarky comments the main character makes too. All in all, a great game, but I just want some more. I'd like to see where you go with this. Adios!

10 Dec 2018
I really enjoyed playing through this! The concept is intriguing, and you seem to have done your research, which is always good. However, I have quite a bit of criticism for the game.
First off, the story feels barebones, like you're just making a layout. The almost complete lack of descriptive language definitely contributes to this. My advice would be to add descriptions for a bunch of people and places, and maybe for some events too. For example, you can mention what Andy's workplace looks like, what his co-workers look like, and how overwhelming the mental ward feels for Andy.
Another thing is the Shadows. While the idea is great, it needs elaboration. What exactly is a Shadow? How do you view one? What does viewing a Shadow entail? How does Andy know what mental disorder a person has by viewing their Shadow? Where did Andy come up with the name Shadow? Did the people who gave him the test drug mention them? What's with the auras around people? Why do Shadows only seem to occur in the neurodivergent? I could probably go on, but you get my point. This idea has so much potential, but it feels underdeveloped. I'd also appreciate something a little more interesting than "he has schizophrenia". Maybe a brief description of the person's life story or what's going through their heads? I don't really know here.
Next up is Andy himself, more specifically his backstory. I don't know if I missed something or not, but it makes no sense to me. Like so many things here, it needs more elaboration. Either that or I'm blind and missed something important. Adny himself feels a little underdeveloped. I'm not even sure where he works, although I presume it's some sort of newspaper from the mention of interviewing for articles. I personally think Andy's characterization would benefit from a prologue of sorts, explaining his relationships with Dave and his mom, his occupation, and why he got selected for the drug test.
Finally, here are some more minor grievances. First off, the bad ending came totally out of left field, and not in a good way. This could be fixed with my prologue idea, or by giving us some kind of foreshadowing or explanation. Second, that fading thing you did with the voicemail, the note and the nightmare is annoying and makes it difficult to read. Third, I really dislike the way Iris' fate seems to be chosen randomly. I don't think you have any control over whether she lives or dies, which is annoying, as they lead to two very different outcomes for Andy.
Again, I really enjoyed this! The idea is brilliant, but it needs refinement. Please have a nice day!

Review for Dark Mystic Maze
26 Sep 2018
No offence, but the game is boring. There's really nothing fun about pressing R, L and F over and over and reading a short paragraph that hardly changes so you know where you're going. I genuinely started thinking that opening was spelt wrong due to the sheer amount of times I saw it. Maybe try playing other maze games, seeing what makes them enjoyable, and incorporating that into this game. Sorry for being so negative.

Review for Corruption
24 Sep 2018
Hey, sorry the first review on this is mine. I just wanted to give you some honest feedback, seeing as you seem to be new to Quest.
First off, the grammar is poor, though you know this already. I recommend downloading a free spellchecker like Grammarly, which should help the game look less amateur.
While we're on the subject of presentation, a lot of objects don't have descriptions. This, quite frankly, makes it look like you put the game together in three hours and forgot to put in flavour text for anything that isn't vital (and some things that are). Try imagining what the object looks like in your head, then putting it into text format - I'm currently working on a game, and that's how I make up flavour text. Also, the rock should have a different description if you've already seen it become corrupted. The way the text suddenly disappears when you get a game over is jarring and seems like it'd be an easy fix.
Third, it appears you're trying to make a text adventure look like a gamebook. There's actually a great guide for how to do this, which I'll link at the end of the review.
Onto the gameplay: First off, I don't know what's up with the "speak to" command. There might be a fix in the official tutorial or the documentation, so I'll link both. If there isn't a fix in either the documentation or the official tutorial, then you should go to the forums for help or Google it. Second, I can't finish the fairy's quest: Once I get the sword and return to the fairy, I can't go east no matter what I do. Skipping the quest leads to another dead end, as there's no way to pass the wall of enemies: Going east gives me a game over, going west tells me that that way is locked, going south takes me to the quest that I can't finish, and going north is impossible because I don't have the sword from the quest. This essentially makes the game unplayable, which is a shame.
Finally, if you ever needed some help, I wouldn't mind lending a hand. I honestly have too much free time, which is why I picked up Quest in the first place.
Anyways, here are the links:
Making a text adventure look like a gamebook:
Official Quest Tutorial:
Quest Documentation: