Dark Mystic Maze by DarkLizerd

Your head hurts, your nose hurts, and someone is wiping your face with a mint scented rag and repeating "I'm so sorry" over and over...
And you can't figure out why.
(OK, that is for version 2.0)
The only commands to get you through the maze is:
f- go forward
r- turn right (but not move)
l- turn left (but not move)
There is no north, south, east and west because you don't have a compass to tell you that.
The maze is 10 by 10 rooms of unending sameness.
(And to make it even harder, you start in a random room AND facing a random direction.)
Currently there are 4 maps.
I have the pictures working so that you can look down the hallway to see what the next 5 rooms are.
Next, I need to add the other players in the maze, puzzles to get past, and a better identifier for the exit.
(And perhaps some better room descriptions...)

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Review by Alia101
26 Sep 2018
No offence, but the game is boring. There's really nothing fun about pressing R, L and F over and over and reading a short paragraph that hardly changes so you know where you're going. I genuinely started thinking that opening was spelt wrong due to the sheer amount of times I saw it. Maybe try playing other maze games, seeing what makes them enjoyable, and incorporating that into this game. Sorry for being so negative.

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