Reviews by longshot

Review for The Play
20 May 2020
Wow that's an old game and this is the first review. It's lovely - well written and a laugh. Certainly worth a play or three.

Review for The Eye of Mandival
15 May 2020
A fun game. There are some bugs and frustrating moments, but it doesn't disappoint. I'm now going to become the reigning hide n seek champion of this website!

Review for Wake Up
14 May 2020
Descriptions are poor, objects which are mentioned can't be interacted with and this makes the game very frustrating.

Review for Room Serial
03 May 2020
Such a good idea, but unfortunately it is poorly executed. Disappointing.

05 Feb 2014
This is terrible! Such short descriptions and really not worth playing.

03 Feb 2014
Get your teeth out and play this very simple but very entertaining game!