The Eye of Mandival by Father

King Mandival the Impatient had only one eye. Fortunately a substitute was given to him by the Royal Magician, the wizard Prang. With it the king could see perfectly. Unfortunately it has been stolen.

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Review by longshot
15 May 2020
A fun game. There are some bugs and frustrating moments, but it doesn't disappoint. I'm now going to become the reigning hide n seek champion of this website!

Review by DavyB
23 Jan 2018
A short good-humoured classic adventure tale. The puzzles all seemed logical and not too demanding. There are many ways to die if you don't deal properly with the sentry but generally it is a safe world to explore and enjoy. Highly recommended!

Review by sarah4
19 Jun 2014
An excellent game with an interesting and well-executed premise and engaging and well developed landscape and characters. The puzzles were varied and often innovative and just challenging enough to keep the player on their toes. It is clear that a great deal of care, time and planning has gone into making this fantastic game.

However, the game's main feature is its sheer, unabashed, glorious sillyness! I had enjoyed your first two games and found 'Shoddy and Pigears' quite amusing', but this is definitely my favourite of your three games because not only are the jokes well-written but they feel organic to the rest of the game, whose whole tone is light-hearted without skimping on puzzles and gameplay in order to focus on getting laughs, which I realise is no mean feat! This is probably my second favourite comic text adventure after 'Doctor Who's 50th Birthday', both games are able to affectionately play with tired old text adventure cliches to create something genuinely fresh, funny and eminently playable!

I just need to replay it now and figure out if there was something else I should have done as the ending suggested I could have tried for a better outcome, I was so focused on retrieving the eye that I didn't look for anything else so I will have another wander through the game and see what I can find!

Congratulations on a true triumph of game creation and I can't wait for your next masterpiece, especially if you continue your trend of making each game better and more ambitious than the last!

Review by markydennis
17 Jun 2014
great little game :) liked the story very much!
look forward to your next game!

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