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Reviews by daniel&ashley

Review for Triskele
06 Jul 2015
Apparently, more than one ending is possible after all. I enjoyed the mystery of it, and loved that it was a little surreal. I would have liked more choices, and maybe wish it was a bit longer, but I liked it over all.

Review for Mermaid Bay
18 Aug 2014
This is a beautifully written game with detailed descriptions of both landscape and objects. It was a good challenge and made me feel like I was on the beach! Thanks Peter!

01 Aug 2014
This game has an interesting story, perfect length and a delightful array of choices to fit most personalities. Loved it.

Review for Keeper of the Gates
01 Aug 2014
Very short. Simple. Too many ways for a bad ending though. Also, no love choice.

Review for The Piskie
28 Jul 2014
Aside from my being a newbie at text adventures, this is awesome!