Mermaid Bay by peter edwards

For weeks rainstorms and gales had raged around the Cornish coast. The forecast has improved, however, and you have decided to take a break by the sea. You have rented a chalet overlooking Mermaid Bay.

You wonder what mysteries the storms have brought...

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Review by Natloud
16 Jun 2017
Very intricate, great game. Thoroughly enjoyed! (Not for the impatient!)

Review by Jaynaulty
05 Jul 2016
There's a difference between challenge and bullshit/frustrating. This is just frustrating. I can't say anything about the writing because i was too busy trying to get past the beginning. If you're easily frustrated or have never played a text game before, stay as faraway from this as possible.

Review by DavyB
08 Jun 2016
This was my first Peter Edwards game and was surprised to find myself stuck after a few minutes. I’d been around the obvious locations, looked at everything and found nothing of significance! I had to resort to the comments to understand where I was going wrong. It is not enough to look at everything, searching is important as well, and repeatedly following up on any new items identified in the replies. Also, it is necessary to look out for items that are implied rather than named directly. For example, if it says you are in a “simply furnished room” then “look at furnishings” may reveal more.

With that knowledge, this game is excellent! It looks well and I enjoyed the sound effects, though I did turn the sound down when serious thinking was required! There didn’t appear to be any traps leading to unwinnable positions, which is good, and only one opportunity to die, which is well flagged in advance. The puzzles are reasonably difficult but that is one of the attractions of Peter’s games. Overall, it was clear why the previous reviewers had all awarded 5 stars, and I can only agree with their judgement. I’m looking forward to working my through all eight of Peter’s text adventures on the site, making sure to take time to savour each one!

Review by abbyfiennes
06 May 2016
very good entertaining and catching game

Review by KyuJones
26 Apr 2016
OH! ^___^ Fantastic story!
I adored the end.

I do, indeed, love the story puzzles by this author!
Maps and puzzles are tricky and gratifying to figure out.
The scenario of this one is beautiful - an adventurous tourist investigating a mermaid and pirate. LOVE!!

Also, a much appreciated tidbit.. if you become stuck, look for helpfulness within the comments. Others before you may lend a hand in past words, and there is always the author there to guide you out of your specific predicaments!

Review by Cyril
21 Mar 2016
I must say, this game was a real challenge. Beautifully done, it keeps you really engaged. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky but not impossible. It takes a little imagination and a lot of patience. Nice descriptions of your surroundings that give you just enough hints to enable you to finish the game. I had to use language that I was not used to in order to satisfy the needs of the game . But once that was understood with the aid of the help command in the game I was able to complete the game. Look forward to trying more of Peter's Games.

Review by DaNiX88
02 Apr 2015
At first I was totally lost, but once I started exploring using different verbs, the story came alive and I felt as if I was part of the adventure. I was even surprised at one part of the story and actually felt the urge to escape. The mermaid is well written despite not saying much. I really enjoyed this adventure and it is one of my favourites by Peter Edwards. The sounds were well-executed, though there should have been a sound file at the end of the game. I played online, so I'm not sure if everything was full accessible that way.

All in all, a great adventure story that took me some time to solve. Another great thing, and though it's not really a critique of the game, but must be mentioned, is that Peter is still active and kindly helps you through his games.

A quality game that will keep you wanting to explore this website. Another job well-done!

Review by daniel&ashley
18 Aug 2014
This is a beautifully written game with detailed descriptions of both landscape and objects. It was a good challenge and made me feel like I was on the beach! Thanks Peter!

Review by Charles Scott
24 Mar 2014
Another enthralling and addictive game from Peter Edwards, who is continuing his great job of revitalising West Country mythology. The pictures and sound effects enhance the experience, but it is the wonderfully evocative descriptions that give the game its unique atmosphere and draw the player in. I was transported back to my many childhood holidays spent in Polzeath, building sandcastles and fishing in rock-pools. As always, the commentary is full of country lore and good environmental practice. The puzzles are cleverly devised and often cunningly concealed, but all completely logical (in retrospect!), and all the objects are natural to their surroundings and helpfully described (I loved the joke with the purse). A terrific story with a very satisfying and beautifully written conclusion. I'm going to miss wrestling with it of an evening -- please can we have another one soon, Peter?

Review by sarah4
16 Mar 2014
Another absolutely wonderful game from one of my two favourite text adventure authors! This game is set in Cornwall, setting for other Peter Edwards masterpieces 'The Enchanted Glade' and 'The Piskie', like its prececessors, this game does a beautiful job of capturing the beauty and mystery of its environment, and, I think, may be my joint favourite of all Peter's games, which is certainly saying something!

Each location is evocatively and perfectly described and combine to build up an easily pictured overall landscape. I was also very impressed by the way you provided descriptions for every object and item of scenery in the game, it was possible to examine pretty much everything mentioned in, or even inferred by, room descriptions which really helped to immerse me in the game and its environment.

The Cornish coast was a joy to explore, the pleasure of discovering secret caverns, interacting with wildwife and poking around a pirate ship wreck was as great as actually solving the puzzles and solving your quest, there is so much rich detail to discover in the world you have created that I would recommend any player to thoroughly explore everything, useful to your mission or not!

Having said all this, the puzzles were as wonderful, challenging and imaginative as always and felt completely organic with the landscape and the adventure, all of the tools needed to solve puzzles were the kind of objects you might logically find in the places they turned up, and all of the solutions made absolute sense and were completely logical, even though I wasn't always clever enough to work them out!

I'm extremely pleased I was able to help the mermaid in the end too, especially as the finale was beautifully written!

I always enjoy the way you are able to work a subtle environmental message into your games, the comments on the rubbish on the beach and the respect the puzzles in your games show for local flora and forna is a very nice touch. Solving this game does involve getting past some creatures, but, I am pleased to report, that no animals need to be hurt in order to win, though you may need to inconvenience an adder and a limpet!

Congratulations on yet another work of text adventure art and I cannot wait for your next adventure! Thanks again for all your help and for sharing your games with us!

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peter edwards

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 12 Mar 2014
Updated 29 Jun 2015