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Review for Simple adventure
18 Apr 2016
A few words to describe: dismal, bland, undeveloped, undercooked, unentertaining, Etc.
Nothing in this appealed to me. It is a short story with little to no effort put in. I would not recommend this to anyone.

27 Feb 2015
Weird, confusing, yet interesting. Emphasis on the first.

26 Feb 2015
Quite enjoyable. The grammar issues and occasional weak ending are what keep this from a 5 star review.

31 Oct 2014
Very good! The graphics are very well done, and the timing is good as well! As a suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to check for grammar and spelling? And maybe a few quips? Otherwise, excellent! Hope for more to come!

P.S.: if you wouldn't mind, could you give my game "Art of Relief" a review? Your game has been on the site for a shorter period than mine, and you've already racked up 3 reviews* and I don't have any*. Thanks regardless of what you do!

*At the time of writing

17 Oct 2014
Very enjoyable! A classic that is quite enjoyable! However, I suggest that you only play to win if you have an account, because you will otherwise have to do a marathon, or something close to it. Still, a great game for all ages over 8 and all levels of experience, as long as you have at least some!

15 Oct 2014
Absolutely fantastic! Very well writen! The only reason that it is a four and not a five is that when there are two choices, the top one always falls under the category of giving in, and the bottom one is always trying to resist. If you switched the order on some choices, and possibly added more variety, it would certainly be a five!