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Reviews by Robotanic

17 Apr 2017
While it is a cute and compelling game, there are a lot of issues with any kind of exploration of the game. Most of the time, there is no scenery. Maybe I'm just too used to games roll with things. There is something frustrating about an interesting thing being mentioned in the description, I ask to look at it, and the game says, "I can't see that."

There are also several points where there discrepancies between the the writing and options. For example:
"You are standing at the bottom of a small hill, which has a cobbled path leading up it to the northwest. A muddy path continues to the east.
You can also see Jack and a cow.
You can go east, southwest or south."
The description goes out of its way to tell me about a path to the northwest, but not only can I not go down in, but when I try to look at "northwest path," "southwest path" or even just plain "path" it says it can't see that.

Review for Machine of Death
17 Apr 2017
Cute game.

Telling much of the story through quotes is an original and interesting set up. The olde English was well done too!