The Curious Incident at Blackrock Township by bitterkarella

The incident began in 1705 at Blackrock Township in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the house of the Rev. Steadfast Hopkins.

After evenmeal, the reverend's daughter fell into a violent fit.

When Ezola Midnight is accused of causing the fits with witchcraft, her responses will determine her fate. Will she be hanged as a witch? Or will she go free?

This is a Twine game that placed 8th place out of 16 in ECTOCOMP 2016. Download all the ECTOCOMP'16 games at

Review by MindsEyeFunhouse
17 Oct 2017
I say this was a very fine and fantastic read. It almost made me feel like I was reading some kind of lore from the old days. I really enjoyed it fully!

Review by Alien Invasion
04 May 2017
I love that New England Puritan stuff so I enjoyed this game very much.

Review by Robotanic
16 Apr 2017
Telling much of the story through quotes is an original and interesting set up. The olde English was well done too!

Review by Long John
30 Nov 2016
this sounded like a real historical incident.
i can tell that you put a lot of work into it.
good job!

Review by argentumsound
10 Nov 2016
This seems like it has been copied from Wikipedia.

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Published 08 Nov 2016
Updated 04 Dec 2016