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Reviews by Konrad

27 Mar 2014
Recently played this.
I'm regrettably giving this a very low rating. The way this was written makes it feel too cheesy when a werebat could've been a very interesting idea.
Overall it was badly written; short descriptions, many misspellings, etc.

"Amazing game when is number 2 coming out" No rating, but it's still a positive comment... A positive comment that was posted by the author himself. Very cheap, so I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding the meaning behind the comment.

Review for The Seer...
03 Jul 2013
A few problems with this.

1. Sometimes it appears as if we have choice, but only one choice will work.

>Leave flashlight off and keep walking<
"You find that you are only hurting yourself, and walk back."
>Go back<

So you're FORCED to >Turn on flashlight<

2. The text ends up really hard to read, especially those red hyperlinks.

3. The writing could do a bit of work.

Otherwise, its okay.

Review for Pat Johnson
31 Mar 2013
Its an interesting story, but has countless errors.

(spoilers ahead)
First of all, in the hospital, why do you randomly tackle the nurse after you get out of bed?
Escape stealthly or agressively? Well, its a bit too late for that isn't it? I already knocked out a nurse.
and if you choose to STAY in bed, why exactly do you get angry and say that its not the truth?
You WERE attacked, your leg IS broken, and you DO have a gunshot wound.
Now, you become Jimmy Andrews in the future.
When you call 911 and stay put, you hear footsteps.
And die. Just die out of nowhere.

Maybe I'm just being picky. I don't know.
Now I'm starting to feel bad for mentioning all these things, but you need some feedback to improve, eh?

Review for The Intruder
26 Mar 2013
Looks interesting, but it is way too short and doesn't have much of a build up. You're sort of just thrown in. The pictures and the sound effects really creeped me out. It would be cool if you had to do some puzzle solving to get away from the "Intruder." The 911 call was a bit too long.

I think its a good start, but its going to need some more work to get a good game.

Its a bit like any other zombie game or movie, but it seems pretty fun. It also feels very free. I was quite surprised but pleased that I was allowed to burst into a group of zombies then play dead.

I hope you make the rest, because I'd be quite interested to see how the story continues!

Review for The Heist
07 Mar 2013
Pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was that I have no choice but to escape by bus, but otherwise its a fun game.