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Review for Caretaker
21 May 2013
Seriously brilliant. I loved it. I enjoy when stories are vague and you need to actually work out what's happening yourself, but too often this is done by posers who think that lack of substance is the same as lack of explicitness. My only complaint is that I wanted to play longer, but quickly used all of the options and read them hungrily like a caged wolverine.

Review for Time Trip
03 Nov 2012
I literally lol'ed several times while playing this...and I'm not the sort of person who misuses the word "literally". So, there's not much in the way of interactivity, but that's not the focal point of this game. Jonathan subjects the player to his wonderful writing and kept me entertained for the whole ride. If you're looking for tough puzzles and top notch gameplay, go elsewhere, but if, like me, you enjoy an engaging experience regardless of how it's presented, then you are in for a treat.

Review for The Walk v1.0
02 Nov 2012
I have to say that this game reminded me of the movie Dark Floors. It's awesome, has awesome abstract horror, has an awesome part that implies some sort of unnatural time travel was going on, and I had no clue what the hell was going on from beginning to end. It may be short, but I replayed it even after I won to see if any of the deaths gave more information about what was going on. It deserves more than 100 plays. *mental high five*
My only complaint - Creed? Really? lol just kidding. But not really. Maybe.