Time Trip by Jonathan7

The government is using you for a time-travel experiment. Good luck!

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Review by Freja_noerby
20 Sep 2014
Lovely game , although the commandos could be a littel more varied. But at great litter game :D

Review by BeautyvsAshes
23 Jun 2014
This game was a lot of fun even though it was short. It would have been nice if the commands you used were more varied, but I still enjoyed this! Nice job!

Review by sunbeam133
29 Jun 2013
how do you get through the beginning

Review by Michael29
26 Jun 2013
This game was great fun it was a tad short and as others have mentioned the vocabulary is not very extensive however I think it deserves a 5 as there was a good amount of humor throughout the game and the story line was really enjoyable. Love the cool holy grail I really want to find one of those in real life. love the guard chasing scene my fingers were trembling (well so to speak). Overall though fantastic game :)

Review by BloodSymphony
25 Jun 2013
It was a hilarious game, though I think it should be longer, it was still amazing.

Review by Connor Wade
21 Apr 2013
Relentlessly entertaining. The story was excellent, but one major shortcoming was the lack of verbs. Also (I'm nit-picking here), I noticed that "personnel" was misspelled. All else aside, this was a wonderful game.

Review by Michael24
27 Feb 2013
That was truly fun, I wished it could have gone on longer. I could picture the protagonist falling out of his straps and smacking the ground, time and again. Ouch ;D

Review by Zeke1
25 Jan 2013
The story was amazing. In fact, everything was amazing. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the only verb is "use."

Review by Ivar Swanson
07 Nov 2012
Great adventure
Story was good and interesting, you captured the atmosphere. You just need more alternative words and verbs and more. Pretty fun though!

Review by Hero Robb
03 Nov 2012
I literally lol'ed several times while playing this...and I'm not the sort of person who misuses the word "literally". So, there's not much in the way of interactivity, but that's not the focal point of this game. Jonathan subjects the player to his wonderful writing and kept me entertained for the whole ride. If you're looking for tough puzzles and top notch gameplay, go elsewhere, but if, like me, you enjoy an engaging experience regardless of how it's presented, then you are in for a treat.

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