Reviews by jassblaster

19 Apr 2019
A really cool game, I really love the many different ways to interact with objects, people and places with different items being able to be used else where, I'm only giving it a 4 since it's still in development but if the game was finished I would probably give it a 5/5

Review for Shrunk at home
19 Apr 2019
It seems like a good enough game, my issues are to the fact the major focus of the game is "interacting" with the sister and it rubs me the wrong way as you do all this stuff with her while her being 13 years old

Review for Giantess adventure
19 Apr 2019
game has no content, You have to download the game to see that it's just one room saying "You are in a room" this shouldn't be on here if it doesn't have anything to do or at least is at a point were people can find some enjoyment. Just uploading it as is was totally unneeded

Review for School Shrink
15 Apr 2019
really cool, I really like how you can shrink and grow on the fly

really fun to mess around with and the deaths are just the right amount of info needed to be interesting, excited to see what's to come

Review for Shrunken at a Club
12 Apr 2019
very good and interesting, I have very much enjoyed this game although to bump it up I would suggest writing a walkthrough to show what you can do, a walkthrough would of helped me and others as I was unable to climb the unbranded girl and missed out on some content as I used all the items available to me in all states I could have them but I couldn't figure out how to climb her