A Shrunken Dilemma (High School Giantess) by FrizzleOfficial

(Version 1.1.4 Alpha)
"You wake up in your biology class. You are shrunk, and no one seems to know it! You are surrounded by teachers, staff and teenagers, most of whom you know but are unable to speak to.
Can you figure out who shrunk you? And can you find a way to return to normal size? You'd better hope so... lest you end up in the gut of a hungry teacher, or under the sole of an unaware teen."
*This game is rated X*


FULL WALKTHROUGH: (Walkthrough May Not Be 100% Accurate Or Finished)

DISCORD SERVER: (For Updates Etc.)

Patch Released On 4/5/2020
- Updated Sakura Interactions (After Cafetaria Doors Are Unlocked/First Boss Defeated)
>Includes 3 interaction pathways & several deaths/outcomes!
>Includes option to unlock 'Girlfriend' feature! (Details in-game)
>Includes Cellphone feature with ability to upgrade (Only if GF feature is unlocked)
>Girlfriend & Cellphone features available, but not currently developed

-New interactions styles!
>Interactions will be less restrictive, allowing you to start over and attempt new reactions with the same characters without having to restart game (only newly created interactions/characters will be effected by this new scripting style)

-New Death System!!!
>Now when your character dies, instead of the game restarting you will instead be teleported to the Biology classroom. This allows you to keep your current progress, instead of having to redo everything by restarting the game and working your way back! (All existing interactions have also been updated to this new system! This was the biggest requested feature and I'm happy to have finally implemented it!)

-Command Console Feature
>Command Console is a new addition that will allow you to skip the starting zone including the first boss! Unlock the cafetaria immediately at the start of the game, allowing you to immediately unlock the new GF and cellphone features at your leisure! This was the another heavily requested feature, glad to have implemented it!

-Due to many complaints from new players, I have made the starting zone slightly easier (Look at tooltips on pickupable items are more detailed to help direct the player on what to do with them! That way the walkthrough is less necessary.) This includes fixing the Macy mechanic where she vanishes if you do not obtain Discarded Experiment and causing you to have to restart the game. Instead, you can interact with her repeatedly up until you DO get the Discarded Experiment in which she then leaves.

-Walkthrough Updated! Link shown above!

That's about it for this patch release. This was mostly tinkering with new ideas, and then of course completely reworking the scripts for all death scenes and then also creating new script routes to get the command console working properly. Sakura's interactions also took some time! Trying to get as much depth and interaction possible with characters to really give you the feeling of choice in this game. I'm also hoping that with the girlfriend feature, I'll be able to open a whole array of new types of interactions! Can't wait!

Patch 1.1.5 Alpha will be some time from now, I'm estimating around April 25th. It'll be a WHOPPING update though, because all my time will be spent updating the interactions with more characters! Join my discord to keep posted on my progress or to apply to become and alpha tester! Alpha testers get to test the game and play all new releases before anyone else!

Tags: Giantess , High School , Highschool , Unaware , Vore , Crush , Shoe , Adventure , Shrunk , Shrink , Boobs , Butt , Digestion

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Review by ezgameman
13 Jun 2020
One of the best games on the site, looking forward to the big update, no rush though. Take your time on it I would say and don't get burned out working on it when you don't want to, that will make you sick of it.

Review by Nix7125
10 Apr 2020
Like how you mapped the place.

Review by asdqwe
03 Apr 2020
UwU UwU nice

Review by sidikin
05 Jan 2020
Pretty dang good. Cool mechanics, interesting characters, and good scenarios. I’m not big on feet or vore, however the brief butt stuff with was very good and are my favorite parts so far. Could use a little more depth in describing the deaths and some more variety, but its well made and I like it.

Review by aceshley1989
17 Oct 2019
this game is fantastic it just needs an update on a lot of things.

Review by Alan walker 019
12 Jun 2019
Please add a giantess girlfriend for us

Review by Metal fear
08 May 2019
Ha this was a really good game, i love that you added the walkthrough so I could get the the nurse UwU, hahaha please add more like that XP, I know it’s a weird thing to ask for widdle O’ me OwO

Review by _FBI_OFFICIAL_
08 May 2019
Needs More Boobs

Review by jassblaster
12 Apr 2019
really fun to mess around with and the deaths are just the right amount of info needed to be interesting, excited to see what's to come

Review by Superz92z
26 Mar 2019
Please try to finish it As Soon As Possible!
Thanks in Advance :)

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