A Shrunken Dilemma (High School Giantess) by FrizzleOfficial

(Version 1.1.5 Alpha)
"You wake up in your biology class. You are shrunk, and no one seems to know it! You are surrounded by teachers, staff and teenagers, most of whom you know but are unable to speak to.
Can you figure out who shrunk you? And can you find a way to return to normal size? You'd better hope so... lest you end up in the gut of a hungry teacher, or under the sole of an unaware teen."
*This game is rated X*


FULL WALKTHROUGH: (Walkthrough May Not Be 100% Accurate Or Finished)

DISCORD SERVER: (For Updates Etc.)

Patch Released On 09/20/2020
1) New morality scoring feature based on character choices
2) GF Feature only available after student council room cutscene instead of 1st boss completion (GF Feature still under development and not fleshed out)
3) New Questline to unlock 2nd bossfight and progress further into the storyline
4) Sound files condensed to reduce game file size
5) "Amazing Grace" theme for "Listen" to Grace interaction removed and no longer plays music
6) Removed Health feature
7) 2nd Boss Fight w/New Mechanics
8) Climbing equipment added in game (still under development
9) Front Entrance/Parking Lot unlocked
10) Solange the Cruel roaming timer function
11) Isabella now only appears after entering the student council room for the first time
12) New After School Hours!!!! The entire school changes (all of its students) after entering the student council room post Sydney boss encounter (This is permanent, so don't forget to find all the old interactions first, also this system is waaaaaay under development so don't expect anything too interesting quite yet but the concept will be awesome!)
13) Corrected the "W HALL" typo for school maps to correct "E HALL" variant
14) Miss Maddox1 (Post Sydney) Added/Updated
15) Added Armpit death option for favors with Macy

Sorry it took so long to post this update. This isn't even the completed 1.1.5 version that I was going to release, but oh well... I couldn't let this sit any longer, so enjoy the new questline and second boss fight. If you have troubles join my discord server I'll be posting hints/tips for people struggling to complete the game.

If you're interested in an alpha tester position, they are currently open go over to discord and request for a position. I'll be filling only a couple. (You MUST have quest on pc in order to test the game. It is a game file for pc/desktop so mobile users cannot be alpha testers I'm sorry)

Tags: Giantess , High School , Highschool , Unaware , Vore , Crush , Shoe , Adventure , Shrunk , Shrink , Boobs , Butt , Digestion

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Review by Buzzkill
21 Dec 2020
Amazing experience! This brilliantly crafted game inspired me to create my own giantess themed text adventure!

20 Dec 2020
I know it might sound weird, but I can't wait to climb into the Adidas shoe

Review by Popping_Angiee
03 Dec 2020
Lmao, I just randomly just got swooped up and eaten.

Review by Qwertguy12
21 Sep 2020
This has so much potential! I can't wait to see the final ending and any other side endings that don't end in death

Review by squidkid
24 Aug 2020
this is by far my favorite. keep up the good work!

Review by Enderwolfey
13 Jul 2020
When is the update comming?

Review by ezgameman
13 Jun 2020
One of the best games on the site, looking forward to the big update, no rush though. Take your time on it I would say and don't get burned out working on it when you don't want to, that will make you sick of it.

Review by Nix7125
10 Apr 2020
Like how you mapped the place.

Review by asdqwe
03 Apr 2020
UwU UwU nice

Review by sidikin
05 Jan 2020
Pretty dang good. Cool mechanics, interesting characters, and good scenarios. I’m not big on feet or vore, however the brief butt stuff with was very good and are my favorite parts so far. Could use a little more depth in describing the deaths and some more variety, but its well made and I like it.

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