Shrunk at High-School by Paras4444

You're an 18 year old male in high-school who shrinks himself to spy on the girls in school. Pretty simple.

UPDATE 1.2.3:

-Added Vivian physically into the game, and a single death (Involving her)
-Added a death with mother
-Added Toast
-Added Toast Death

On the poll, lots of people asked for more goths, and a girl who is dominant/oppressive towards the player. Well, that's exeactly what Vivian is going to be. She is a new character being added that will be a gothic dominating woman (who I plan to have some very rough scenes with) I'll also be adding her to the poll, to see if people like the idea of Vivian

If you have any questions on how to do certian things in the game, ask TROLL (guy with zen profile pic). He knows the game better than anyone.

OmegaMan94 Has made a brilliant game inspired by this one! it's called "A Shrunken Dilemma", and you guys should go check it out!

Vote on what character I should focus on:

Give me some feedback and I will gladly add to the game!

Thanks to TROLL for giving me some ideas for the narrative and some of the scenes!
And thanks to everyone else who is supporting this reboot of a dead game!

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Review by Stark87
10 Jun 2018
The return of an old favourite, Major props to you Paras for reviving this epic game! keep up the excellent work!!

Review by epicskull
10 Jun 2018
ah, so it got moved to over here now

Review by StoriesJest
04 Jun 2018
Great work, I absolutely love this. Personally I can't wait to see where you take this(the cafeteria seems like a really interesting and original concept). I have noticed some bugs, but overall the scripting (when Jessica puts you in her boobs, it goes to a vore seen. I love vore as much as the next person but it just doesn't make sense for me, and really breaks the flow) is great! keep up the good work!

Review by FLAME bro
31 May 2018

Review by J.orilla1
31 May 2018
Keep up the good work Buddy!

Review by TROLL
31 May 2018
Hope it never dies, thanks to you it won’t

Review by Kerani
31 May 2018
A good game revived from the developmental graveyard, you're doing good, mate! Very creative so far with the new deaths and text.

Review by Robomarine
31 May 2018
great to see someone carrying a brillant game

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