Keep of the Mad Wizard by felixp7

Keep of the Mad Wizard is a single-player text-based RPG of the dungeon crawl variety, with randomized elements. It comes in a gamebook-like format, and can be played online or offline.

The game is meant to be replayable. It's a coffeebreak game that can be completed in about 10 minutes once you are familiar with it. But each time you'll get a different challenge, so pay attention to your resources! (See the built-in help for how to play.)
Review by JonQ
02 Jun 2020
The layout and game design are outstanding. It's fun to interact with, and it feels like you're reading a medieval manuscript gamebook. The randomness is okay, but the encounters are well written. A great diversion!

Review by meburningslime
16 May 2019
This is a great game! I would love a boss battle at the end, however. :-)

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