The House on Highfield Lane by The Pixie

The house at the top of Highfield Lane has always scared Mandy, though she could never say why exactly. Perhaps today is the day she should confront that fear!

This is an entry for IFComp 2021. It is in the style of a classic parser-based game. That means there ARE puzzles! But if you do get stuck, type HINT to go to a list of InvisiClues that get increasingly more useful.

Review by XanMag
24 Jul 2021
As with KV, I tested it in its early phase as well. Thanks, Pixie.

The puzzles I found were difficult, but the hints were helpful. I also think that as later revisions come along the difficulty will fall into the range that I'm guessing The Pixie (author) has intended. The game was a nice combination of new ideas in puzzles and, yet, at the same time, I frequently got a "Zorkian" vibe. Certainly better than most of the games on the site and is worth your time to play.

Review by K.V.
21 Jul 2021
I had the pleasure of testing this in its early testing stage.

This game very well crafted. The descriptions are written with care and quite entertaining. The puzzles are difficult, but not too difficult. The story kept me interested all the way to the end.

(Plus, it was created using Quest 6!)

I don't know what else to say that wouldn't include any spoilers.

Five stars!

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Written by
The Pixie

Published 06 Oct 2021
Updated 26 Nov 2021