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02 Nov 2013
Sprawling and realistic world. On par with all of Craig's games, and similar to my personal favorite "A Pirate's Quest for Treasure."

21 Dec 2012
Sarah, how did you get the mud on the witch's porch? I'm waiting till there is mud to sprinkle the seeds.

I have the bucket, I can fill it with soil and water, but I can't "use bucket on porch" when there is stuff inside, nor can I "use bucket on river" when there is soil inside.

20 Dec 2012
Wonderful game, really give you a lot of freedom so it feels real!

I'm wondering if anyone can help, I've been stuck for a while. I'm not sure how to get past the wizard, I've been fooling around with the lightning rod and mirror but without luck.

My inventory is: iron key, brass key, silver key, blue metal key, small key, cutlass (sapped), shovel, cannonball, corkscrew, goblet, crowbar, parchment, relic, fishing net, silver plate, hot sauce, doll, pin, rose (still red), book, page from the book (with scepter), compass.
The governor is standing by Martha's grave, and I have the diamond, black pearl, ruby bracelet, and gold coins as treasure.

So far I have attempted (and some of these seem silly): using the blue metal key on the lightning rod (it's conductive?), using the compass on the lightning rod/mirror (electromagnetism?), using the silver plate on the mirror (reflects back on itself?), using the rose/page on the lightning rod/mirror (I either cannot do that or "nothing happens"), trying to prise the mirror off with the crowbar, trying to cut the mirror with the diamond, and cutlassing everything.