A Pirate's Quest for Treasure by Craig Dutton

You are Captain Jacob Diablo, dreaded pirate and scourge of the Western Seas. A challenge has been made by your rival Captain Ichabod Bloodaxe, scourge of the Eastern Seas and small furry animals. Rumour has it that you're not so 'hot' anymore as a blood-thirsty pirate and he bets you to sail around the Inland Sea and find as much treasure worth 1500 gold coins or more.

Challenge accepted!

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Review by Mr.Bob000
25 Jun 2015
I enjoy the long game with puzzles that need to be solved, such as using sap to kill the giant serpent

Review by DaNiX88
05 Mar 2015
Great game!! There were so many puzzles and quests that made the game quite complex. My only criticism is that there weren't enough descriptions or clues, and I eventually had to consult the comments in order to progress.

All in all, good job!

Review by danaburgerrr
18 Feb 2015
I LOVE THIS GAME. super fun layout with having to explore different islands and areas and complete tasks to gain treasures. I don't remember getting severely stuck at any one point, although I did use a few hints from the comments here and there. the characters are interesting and I love the stories you've created for them. very detailed and lots to do without being overwhelming or cumbersome. only annoying thing is the item limit. other than that this one is a blast!

Review by Ehamzic13
17 Aug 2013
Good and awsome story, im still bussy but, hell of a game!

Review by Gina2
14 Apr 2013
This game has been really fantastic and I hate to have to ask for help at the end but I can not find the pin and I think I need it to take care of Bloodaxe - something as simple as what place it is on the map can help...Thanks!

Review by Jack Webster
20 Dec 2012
Wonderful game, really give you a lot of freedom so it feels real!

I'm wondering if anyone can help, I've been stuck for a while. I'm not sure how to get past the wizard, I've been fooling around with the lightning rod and mirror but without luck.

My inventory is: iron key, brass key, silver key, blue metal key, small key, cutlass (sapped), shovel, cannonball, corkscrew, goblet, crowbar, parchment, relic, fishing net, silver plate, hot sauce, doll, pin, rose (still red), book, page from the book (with scepter), compass.
The governor is standing by Martha's grave, and I have the diamond, black pearl, ruby bracelet, and gold coins as treasure.

So far I have attempted (and some of these seem silly): using the blue metal key on the lightning rod (it's conductive?), using the compass on the lightning rod/mirror (electromagnetism?), using the silver plate on the mirror (reflects back on itself?), using the rose/page on the lightning rod/mirror (I either cannot do that or "nothing happens"), trying to prise the mirror off with the crowbar, trying to cut the mirror with the diamond, and cutlassing everything.

Review by Cliona Donnelly
03 Dec 2012
This is going to sound incredibly stupid but HOW do you open the door to the strong-hold. It's really making the game difficult for me.

Review by Gee Bee
23 Nov 2012
Thanks again Sarah. I won the day - eventually.

Thanks also to Craig for a fantastic adventure! I'll have to try some more of your adventures.

Review by Breeze
29 Aug 2012
Ok, I give up, when do I find the crab ? :)

Review by sarah4
20 Aug 2012
Thanks for all your help again Craig and congratulations on another completely engrossing text adventure! The puzzles, locations and characters were all brilliantly thought out as usual and the gameplay was flawless (I'm yet to encounter a bug in any of your games!). I was a bit worried that I may not be able to finish the game if seeing the map was necessary as I am visually impaired, but was glad to discover you had made it for decoration only which was very considerate. The puzzles were particularly clever and, despite my occasional inability to spot the obvious, perfectly well flagged and soluble. I enjoyed collecting all the treasures and am very impressed by the way you always manage to weave a well-thought out narrative and wry humour through your games and by your excellent spelling and grammar. I know this must seem to be a pre-requisite of writing a good text game but I have played far too many games on here written by people who, as well as having no clue how to construct an engaging narrative and challenging puzzles, also seem to show an utter disregard for spelling and grammar. I've also read comments complaining about the length of descriptions in perfectly good text adventures when I would have thought that basic reading ability was a pre-requisite of playing text games since good, descriptive text is vital for establishing mood and storyline, I'd put it down to many of the authors and commenters being teenagers, but, as a teenager myself I'm not sure that's an excuse! Sorry to get on my soapbox, just wanted to mention another reason why your games are so superior! Can't wait for the next one!

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 11 Aug 2012
Updated 25 Aug 2014

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