Treasure of the Ghost-King by Craig Dutton

In a land peopled by demons and the undead, a fabulous treasure is to be found. In the Firecloud Caves King Obian's tomb protects this treasure.

Your mission is to overcome all obstacles placed in your way and achieve your goal. Can you find the Treasure of the Ghost-King?

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Review by Jack Webster
21 Dec 2012
Sarah, how did you get the mud on the witch's porch? I'm waiting till there is mud to sprinkle the seeds.

I have the bucket, I can fill it with soil and water, but I can't "use bucket on porch" when there is stuff inside, nor can I "use bucket on river" when there is soil inside.

Review by sarah4
08 Dec 2012
Thanks for the help Craig, I was definitely over-thinking that final puzzle! It was a lovely puzzle and I am a bit proud about the fact I spotted the 'lost' pair without having to look up the colours online, probably because I'm terribly nerdy about things like that!

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous comment, this is yet another amazing game from my favourite text adventure author! I know you said it was only created in a couple of days but it honestly does not feel like that. The setting is intriguing and beautifully mapped out, the descriptions are detailed, evocative and, as always, spelling and grammar are impecable! There are some really beautiful puzzles in this game, the afore mentioned 'witch's house' puzzle is a particular delight, but there are many other treats too, and all of them make sense in the context of the game and, despite often involving some serious thinking to work out, are all perfectly logical! Your use of verbs is also great! As always, I can't praise your games highly enough, it's a great pity that many other text game authors don't take the time and care you do in creating truly engrossing and challenging games! I will wait with bated breath for your future adventures, I'm delighted to hear you are working on them, it would be extremely sad if there were no new Craig Dutton games to look forward to!

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Written by
Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 04 Dec 2012
Updated 07 Nov 2015

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