Reviews by niklasalden

Review for Death off the Cuff
18 May 2018
Nice gameplay - worked really well.

Fun to play and I particularly enjoyed twirling my moustache!

Also, good thing with the hints, I used them a few times (almost all these times I was thinking in the right way beforehand, but didn't pursue the lead all the way)

Review for All Roads
05 Sep 2017
Great game. A lot of things going on, the mystery unfolds itself in small pieces. I guess you have to play it many times to understand it all.

I agree with the freedom I felt about doing stuff. Though, one minor bug was that once, a man was both dead and quaking with fear at the sam time... I suppose I failed to see how I should kill the guy before he died anyway:

"He is dead already. The band of gold glitters from his finger like a burial treasure. Time to go.

[the man's name] quakes with fear, you feel his shudders."

Review for columbian exchange
18 Aug 2017
Way too short! Otherwise I liked it.

Review for Banana Game
18 Aug 2017
Fell for the well-sketched banana at the front cover.

Good history lesson, a bit short for a game, though. Still good work.

Review for And Yet it Moves
18 Aug 2017
Fun game, not too long and nice setting.

A feeling of work well-done at the end, liked that!

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
25 Jul 2017
Here comes some not so high-level stats from a guy playing this game for the first time. Died after visiting a few cities.

In the final battle (an epic event) the opposing ship cam to have around -10 cannons at the end. Negative cannons??? Didn't seem to matter, anyway.

REPUTATION [Freebooter]

Cutthroat: 0
Ships Defeated: 1
Explorer: 2
Days Spent at Sea: 11
Plunderer: 2
Total Gold Accrued: 106

Cutthroat Epic Accolades
Defeat Captain Lobo: [ ]
Defeat Admiral Bronte: [ ]
Defeat Captain Sid: [ ]
Defeat 100 Ships: [ ]

Explorer Epic Accolades
Catch the Leviathan: [ ]
Find the Lost Treasure of Midnight Neptune: [ ]
Spend 365 Days at Sea: [ ]

Plunderer Epic Accolades
Pillage Queensland: [ ]
Loot the Behemoth Treasure Ship: [ ]
Accrue 10,000 Gold: [ ]

Good game, keep up the good work!

25 Jul 2017
I hope you make more games! Really enjoyed this one.