Death off the Cuff by Simon Christiansen

They all stare at you expectantly, like children waiting to be told a bedtime story. And who can blame them? You are, after all, Antoine Saint Germain, the great French detective. No criminal has ever been a match for you, and everybody is looking forward to a description of your brilliant deductions.

There is just one small problem. One tiny detail that makes it different this time. A mere trifle, really. This time you have no idea who did it.
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Review by niklasalden
18 May 2018
Nice gameplay - worked really well.

Fun to play and I particularly enjoyed twirling my moustache!

Also, good thing with the hints, I used them a few times (almost all these times I was thinking in the right way beforehand, but didn't pursue the lead all the way)

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Published 01 Oct 2010
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