Starpunk thing - at the end of my wits

Hi, for the last couple monts, I've been trying to make gamebookish thing called Starpunk on Facebook. It's not a game as a programmed thing, but rather a collectively decided storyline where people choose how the story continues - the idea is that readers choose the outcome and then I "novelize" it as a prose (see here in order to use the Facebook page as a vehicle for writing a good oldfashioned book.

At least in theory, because less and less people vote on the story, and I'm darn unsure why is that.

I've tried several approaches, notably a gallery where people voted to advance the story (see here, but it didn't get enough attention. So I switched to more "rudimentary" graphics (read: reused from elsewhere) and did a followup in a video form (see here Guess what - EVEN LESS people react on it.

So, as the title says, I'm at the end of my wits. I have other, quite succesfull Facebook page about science, so it's not like I haven't done this before. Yet, I'm unsure how to present the thing better, given the zero budget. Maybe the video is too long? Maybe I should have stayed with gallery? Maybe the story just plain sucks! Too many possibilities here...

So I came here hoping that people around here might give me couple advices about what THEY would prefer, so I'd unfuck my little project. Or maybe bury it.

PS: I've posted this text also on reddit, so, full disclosure for those that might think I'm spamming the world or something.
PPS: Advices like "you should have done it in a normal game engine" might be right, but then again, the purpose of the project is to make an ordinary book, and I would be unable to collect data about choices and translate them into novelization.

A lot of people have problems like these, don't worry. I'm sure your thing will pick up!

Just try being a fan of a non-popular TV character (Pokemon Harley). Oy vey... the amount of internet accounts I've made just to find someone to talk to who is also a fan of him!

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